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Prop 19 – How does it benefit sellers over 55?

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Prop 19 – How does it benefit sellers over 55?
The ability to transfer your property tax basis to any county in the State of CA opened up March 2021, but sellers are still figuring how it will benefit them.
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California Assoc of Realtors put together a great website to provide more information for sellers to calculate how your property tax bill will change. The benefits of Prop 19 over the previous Prop 60/90 is that EVERY county in the state must accept the transfer of the tax basis. Previously, there were as few as 13 counties cooperating. https://www.prop19taxbreak.com/
Please reach out to Linda Baker for a personal, comprehensive review of your property value, or if you have further questions about transferring your property tax basis.
Linda Baker of Milestone Realty has been helping San Jose home buyers and sellers since 2003. Call Linda directly at 408-539-6691 to learn how the Milestone team can help you! [email protected]

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