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San Jose Street trees are so valuable!

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San Jose Street trees are so valuable!

When I am out showing homes around San Jose in the summertime, it is always interesting to me how much cooler Willow Glen is than the rest of city. Yes, the older homes are indeed cool, but I am actually talking about temperature. A lot of this is because of San Jose street trees.

San Jose actually has a Street Tree ordinance. With this unenforced ordinance, homeowners are supposed to have a tree in the parking strip, between the sidewalk & street. If you have a corner lot, there are supposed to be three trees. Some might think this is over reach, but studies have shown how trees help homes stay cooler, and I believe make the environment feel cooler.

As I drive down certain streets, I notice the environment. How does this street make me feel? Funny, I remember driving down a street in what would be my future neighborhood thinking how great it would be to live in this area. Well, I was right!

The City of SJ has a great website with information about the city’s rules as well as the environmental benefits of the San Jose street trees. Also check out this valuable website on the benefits of trees.

I would also argue that homes on tree-lined streets sell for more money. There is an intangible feeling about the neighborhood that draws you in, makes you want to buy here. Well placed trees can keep your home cooler, reducing cooling costs in the summer. And who can put a value on a tree with a swing hanging from a strong branch. Invaluable!

And if trees are what you are looking for, check out my listing above on Panorama Dr in Los Gatos Mountains. Ahhh, serenity!

Linda Baker of Milestone Realty has been helping San Jose home buyers and sellers since 2003. Call Linda directly at 408-712-3432 to learn how the Milestone team can help you!

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